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About Us

 International Association of Slavs  


Purpose of the Association (quotation from the Articles):

" Promoting the interests, culture, education, housing, travel, cooperation, and coexistence of Slavic nations with each other and with other nations. Conservation of natural heritage. Improving the standard of living, education and employment of people. Improving the mental, moral and physical condition of people. "

Our association was founded in 2014 on the basis of many years' activity of our members in Slavic countries and activities that became the main purpose of the new association.

As the association's articles suggest, it was founded with the aim of preserving and developing the Slavic togetherness, the basic idea of what comes from panslavism - meaning that all Slavic people are actually one nation.

Although we come from Slavic roots, we take the position of equality of all nations in the world, regardless of race, ethnicity, politics, religion and origin.

Our headquarters are situated in the Czech Republic, but our members come from many different countries.

Our common goal is to develop interpersonal and international relations and to preserve cultural heritage for future generations.

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