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Do toho týme
 International Cooperation  
Our aim is to establish and develop cultural and economic relations between the Slavic people themselves and internationally. We operate in Central Europe and have partners in Russia, Ukraine, the Balkans and Germany. We actively seek cooperation all around the world.
psací stroj
 Translation and Interpreting 
We provide fast translations between Czech, Russian, Slovak, English and other languages.
If necessary, we can provide an officially certified translation.
 Cultural Events 
We organize and support cultural events, meetings, trainings and seminars.
We focus on the general enlightenment and education.
Právní výzkumu a psaní
 Legal Consulting 
We provide consulting in the field of civil and commercial law, life situation assessment and protection of consumers' rights.
We cooperate with financial and insurance advisers.
Udržitelná energie
 Environmental Protection 
We participate in projects to protect ecology and the environment, including ecological waste recycling.
We promote a naturalistic lifestyle and the use of renewable energy sources.
 Tourism and Travel 
We support tourism and travel, paying attention both to the protection of cultural monuments and to the environmental aspects of travelling.
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